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Bowls and platters

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Save 17%Coconut Bowl - Silver Metallic LeafCoconut Bowl - Silver Metallic Leaf
Coconut Bowl - Silver Metallic Leaf Sale price€12,90 Regular price€15,50
Save 17%Coconut Bowl - Soft Pink Metallic LeafCoconut Bowl - Soft Pink Metallic Leaf
Coconut Bowl - Soft Pink Metallic Leaf Sale price€12,90 Regular price€15,50
Save 17%Coconut Bowl - White - Gold leafCoconut Bowl - White - Gold leaf
Coconut Bowl - White - Gold leaf Sale price€12,90 Regular price€15,50
Bowl acacia brown mediumBowl acacia brown medium
Bowl acacia brown medium Sale price€105,00
Bowl Large Surface Rusty BrownBowl Large Surface Rusty Brown
Bowl ZelineBowl Zeline
Bowl Zeline Sale price€29,90
Bowl of acacia wood straight MBowl of acacia wood straight M
Bowl of acacia wood MBowl of acacia wood M
Bowl of acacia wood M Sale price€9,95
Bowl of acacia wood SBowl of acacia wood S
Bowl of acacia wood S Sale price€6,50
Save 32%Bowl Columbine brown/pinkBowl Columbine brown/pink
Bowl Columbine brown/pink Sale price€9,50 Regular price€13,90
Bowl DahliaBowl Dahlia
Bowl Dahlia Sale price€18,00

2 colors available

Save 20%Bowl in hornBowl in horn
Bowl in horn Sale price€23,20 Regular price€29,00
Bowl L Surface Indy GreyBowl L Surface Indy Grey
Bowl L Surface Indy Grey Sale price€18,00
Bowl L Surface Rusty BrownBowl L Surface Rusty Brown
Bowl L Surface Rusty Brown Sale price€18,00
Bowl M Surface Indy GreyBowl M Surface Indy Grey
Bowl M Surface Indy Grey Sale price€14,00
Bowl M Surface Rusty BrownBowl M Surface Rusty Brown
Bowl M Surface Rusty Brown Sale price€14,00
Bowl S Surface Indy GreyBowl S Surface Indy Grey
Bowl S Surface Indy Grey Sale price€14,00
Bowl S Surface Rusty BrownBowl S Surface Rusty Brown
Bowl S Surface Rusty Brown Sale price€14,00
Resin bowls with Capiz shellsResin bowls with Capiz shells
Manja jar with lid in soap stoneManja jar with lid in soap stone
Soap dish marbleSoap dish marble
Soap dish marble Sale price€110,00
Save 42%Brass bowl smallBrass bowl small
Brass bowl small Sale price€21,80 Regular price€37,90
Olive plate M Surface Indi GreyOlive plate M Surface Indi Grey
Olive plate Surface Indi GreyOlive plate Surface Indi Grey
Osaka bowl greyOsaka bowl grey
Osaka bowl grey Sale price€16,90
Save 33%Columbine ceramic oval plateColumbine ceramic oval plate
Columbine ceramic oval plate Sale price€25,50 Regular price€37,90
Oval resin bowl with Capiz shellsOval resin bowl with Capiz shells
Oval tray in sandstoneOval tray in sandstone
Oval tray in sandstone Sale price€51,00
Jar in sandstoneJar in sandstone
Jar in sandstone Sale price€21,00
Jar with lid acacia woodJar with lid acacia wood
Jar with lid acacia wood Sale price€14,95
Rabia trayRabia tray
Rabia tray Sale price€54,90
Pink oval platePink oval plate
Pink oval plate Sale price€14,90
Gravy bowl Surface Indy GreyGravy bowl Surface Indy Grey
Gravy bowl Surface Indy Grey Sale price€12,95
Tray acacia brown mediumTray acacia brown medium
Tray acacia brown medium Sale price€105,00
Platter Emperador marble LPlatter Emperador marble L
Platter Emperador marble L Sale price€42,95
Platter Emperador marble SPlatter Emperador marble S
Platter Emperador marble S Sale price€24,95
Platter French oak L blackPlatter French oak L black
Platter French oak L black Sale price€155,00
Platter French oak M brownPlatter French oak M brown
Platter French oak M brown Sale price€45,50
Plate Tinos green marble MPlate Tinos green marble M
Plate Tinos green marble M Sale price€175,00
Plate Tinos Green marble SPlate Tinos Green marble S
Plate Tinos Green marble S Sale price€125,00
Platter in ash wood XXL naturalPlatter in ash wood XXL natural
Beige rectangular tray - Bertrand LejolyBeige rectangular tray - Bertrand Lejoly
Gray rectangular dish - Bertrand LejolyGray rectangular dish - Bertrand Lejoly
Beige rectangular tray L - Bertrand LejolyBeige rectangular tray L - Bertrand Lejoly
Ceramic platter Paula - blueCeramic platter Paula - blue
Ceramic platter Paula - blue Sale price€12,90
Ceramic platter Paula - brownCeramic platter Paula - brown
Cutting board AbbasCutting board Abbas
Cutting board Abbas Sale price€29,90
Cutting board DanaCutting board Dana
Cutting board Dana Sale price€20,90