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Alas bowlAlas bowl
Alas bowl Sale price€25,90
Baburu bowl M BirchBaburu bowl M Birch
Baburu bowl M Birch Sale price€109,00
Baburu bowl M blackBaburu bowl M black
Baburu bowl M black Sale price€109,00
Baburu bowl mini BirchBaburu bowl mini Birch
Baburu bowl mini Birch Sale price€49,00
Caylie jar with lidCaylie jar with lid
Caylie jar with lid Sale price€29,90
Bottle opener Pineapple GoldBottle opener Pineapple Gold
Save 40%Picture frame BlackPicture frame Black
Picture frame Black Sale price€11,95 Regular price€19,90
Halfdan vaseHalfdan vase
Halfdan vase Sale price€54,90
Halfdan vase blackHalfdan vase black
Halfdan vase black Sale price€54,90
Hero potHero pot
Hero pot Sale price€19,90
Hero pot EllipseHero pot Ellipse
Hero pot Ellipse Sale price€62,50
Hero pot LHero pot L
Hero pot L Sale price€52,90
Hira box with lidHira box with lid
Hira box with lid Sale price€37,90
Ilana box with lidIlana box with lid
Ilana box with lid Sale price€34,90
Ilena jars with lid - marbleIlena jars with lid - marble
Ilena jars with lid - marble Sale price€34,90
Isebella box with lidIsebella box with lid
Isebella box with lid Sale price€44,90
Save 16%Jewelry boxJewelry box
Jewelry box Sale price€18,50 Regular price€21,90
Candle holder alabaster Beige L roundedCandle holder alabaster Beige L rounded
Candle holder alabaster beige SCandle holder alabaster beige S
Candle holder alabaster Tierra M roundedCandle holder alabaster Tierra M rounded
Candle holder alabaster Tierra S wideCandle holder alabaster Tierra S wide
Candle holder alabaster white S wideCandle holder alabaster white S wide
Small beige storage box with lid  - Bertrand LejolySmall beige storage box with lid  - Bertrand Lejoly
Small gray storage box with lid  - Bertrand LejolySmall gray storage box with lid  - Bertrand Lejoly
Save 20%Bowl in hornBowl in horn
Bowl in horn Sale price€23,20 Regular price€29,00
Save 13%Baskets Heddy - set of 2Baskets Heddy - set of 2
Baskets Heddy - set of 2 Sale price€69,90 Regular price€79,90
Mask wood ° 1Mask wood ° 1
Mask wood ° 1 Sale price€149,50
Mask wood ° 2Mask wood ° 2
Mask wood ° 2 Sale price€149,50
Save 42%Brass bowl smallBrass bowl small
Brass bowl small Sale price€21,80 Regular price€37,90
Save 40%Coconut offering baskets - set of 2Coconut offering baskets - set of 2
Coconut offering baskets - set of 2 Sale price€89,95 Regular price€149,90
Storage box with lid large beige - Bertrand LejolyStorage box with lid large beige - Bertrand Lejoly
Storage box with lid large grey - Bertrand LejolyStorage box with lid large grey - Bertrand Lejoly
Storage basket in water hyacinthStorage basket in water hyacinth
Storage basket in seagrassStorage basket in seagrass
Storage basket in seagrass Sale price€28,50
Save 41%Storage basket in seagrass VarnyStorage basket in seagrass Varny
Storage basket in seagrass Varny Sale price€21,90 Regular price€36,90
Save 41%Storage basket in black seagrassStorage basket in black seagrass
Storage basket in black seagrass Sale price€21,90 Regular price€36,90
Jar blueJar blue
Jar blue Sale price€14,90
Save 33%Columbine ceramic oval plateColumbine ceramic oval plate
Columbine ceramic oval plate Sale price€25,50 Regular price€37,90
Beige oval storage box with lid  - Bertrand LejolyBeige oval storage box with lid  - Bertrand Lejoly
Beige oval storage box with lid large  - Bertrand LejolyBeige oval storage box with lid large  - Bertrand Lejoly
Throw in cotton - beige black stripedThrow in cotton - beige black striped
Throw in cotton - black - copperThrow in cotton - black - copper
Save 31%Jar with lidJar with lid
Jar with lid Sale price€7,50 Regular price€10,90
Rabia trayRabia tray
Rabia tray Sale price€54,90
Save 25%Ramina candlestickRamina candlestick
Ramina candlestick Sale price€22,50 Regular price€29,90
Straws MalleStraws Malle
Straws Malle Sale price€20,00

2 colors available

Platter Emperador marble LPlatter Emperador marble L
Platter Emperador marble L Sale price€42,95
Platter Emperador marble SPlatter Emperador marble S
Platter Emperador marble S Sale price€24,95