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Our team is on a design adventure in Italy from July 6th to July 21st. During this time, no orders will be shipped and our showroom is closed for appointments. All orders made after July 5th will be shipped on Monday, July 22nd.Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay tuned for some amazing new inspirations we’ll be bringing back! Bénédicte

Article: Table talks: set your holiday table

Table talks: set your holiday table

Table talks: set your holiday table

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to get together with your loved ones. A cosily set table is a creative way to welcome your guests into your home. So how do you start off on setting your table? What do you want to put centre stage? We all have at least one object that can be our center piece. Whether it's a bowl, glass set or flower arrangement, this is the item that will set the mood of your table. 
So choose your focal point with care and take a closer look at all the characteristics: the colour, shape, texture, material,... All these characteristics can give you inspiration to continue building a cosy table. I chose dinner plates from Marie Michielssen's La Mère series for Serax. The designer designed the series as an ode to all mothers and grandmothers to honour the ritual of eating and sitting around the table together as a family.The deep, red colour goes perfectly with neutral colours such as white, off-white, beige, black, shades of brown, grey,....
I went for a white linen tablecloth, a choice that looks neutral, fresh, neat yet festive. The texture of the heavy linen and the crinkled texture of the fabric add some extra depth. The white colour highlights the deep red of the tableware. 
When it comes to napkins, I am once again inspired by textures. The fabric is a coarsely woven organic cotton in a light beige shade. You can just fold them as rectangles on the plate but if you want to make it a bit more festive, you can make a bow or tie a string around them with a green sprig or an ornament inside. During the month of December I will definitely make a video on this subject so keep an eye on our socials!
The black matte cutlery, also from the La Mère collection completes this. A timeless, simple colour with a playful design.
The glassware is in clear glass, this gave me the space to work around textures again. The Inku glass by Sergio Herman for Serax combined with a simple, cylindrical low glass by Bloomingville. These glasses were mouth-blown so the air bubbles can still be seen in the glass. 
As an accent, I picked our candle holders in Alabaster. The white and beige colour is neutral but the pattern and texture gives this material all the more depth. Once the candlelight appears, this range sets the perfect mood. You can also play a little with different colours, sizes and shapes here. 
Wooden accents in natural or black tones give the table a more elegant and natural look to finish it off. 
Would you like some festive accents? Paper ornaments in a pretty bowl or hung from branches can bring your table setting into party mood. A bouquet of 'dramatic' flowers such as dahlias or lilies in shades of pink and red will also enhance the red colour and make this a festive look. 
Don't forget to adjust your lighting - cosiness calls for soft light, such as mood lights and candles.
Dare to go bold... For the audacious among us, the Rosso Levanto marble collection in red and violet shades oozes luxury and opulence. The red marble with its deep colour and present veining in simple shapes is a showpiece on any table. 
Enjoy the ritual of the holidays in advance, take time to relax, share a cosy meal and collect memories.

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