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Article: Hello Autumn! The autumn trends of 2022

Hello Autumn! De najaarstrends van 2022

Hello Autumn! The autumn trends of 2022

Bold colors & 70’s nostalgia!

The seventies are making a comeback, bringing back ochre tones and orange. Cosiness and warmth reign supreme this autumn! Apart from colours, this retro vibe can also be found in shapes and materials. Retro lamps in ceramics and vases are back, with designers making their contemporary version using the colour and texture of shiny ceramics combined with the simplicity of a linen lampshade. Expressed simplicity with the elegance of yesteryear! Wicker and rattan form organic combinations with the earthy undertones. 

Brown is back baby!  Brown in all its shades is welcomed back with open arms in our interiors. From cognac to chestnut brown, from honey to caramel. The colour reminds us of nature and gives us a sense of security, just what we need as the summer sun slowly fades away. Autumn shades are omnipresent. Don't get me wrong: we still love neutrals but we like to complement this autumn with warm shades such as mustard yellow, deep red, cognac and forest green. Rich, earthy tones that exude cosiness yet add some extra depth. Terracotta had been back for a while, combined with white tones and rustic materials but now we see the colour a bit bolder too; combined with warm, powdery rose tones.

Nature still takes centre stage in colours, textures and shapes. Artisanal, handmade items remain hot. The vintage trend also continues, both from the point of view of having a high-quality, timeless abject with a history and as a signal of sustainability. Get rid of the throwaway society of fast, cheaply made and polluting objects. A trend that is hopefully permanent. Nothing better than giving new life to an old object in your home. 

Warm, dark woods come more to the fore. Natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, linen and wool create a nice balance with all these bold colours. For autumn, we long for the atmosphere of nostalgia and vibrancy of the seventies! 



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